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Assistive Technology


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Find the full Catalog here.

Summary document with sources and other information here.


Assistive Technology (A.T.) is any device, piece of equipment or product that makes it easier for someone with a disability or a limitation to live more independently and safely, work at a job, learn in school, get about their community or pursue play and leisure.

Age-Friendly Georgetown (AFG) has created a catalog of commonly used devices. We received recommendations from a number of users of these devices and from an Occupational Therapist. Many of these items will be available for trial runs to see if they will be helpful to you. We have listed average prices but these may vary. We encourage you to try local sources first. We can assist with review of the catalog and use of loaner items.

In addition, the Georgetown Fire Department has a loaner program for a variety of items like crutches, toilet risers, canes, wheelchairs and walkers. Many of these are displayed on the last page of our catalog. You can contact Dave Knauber at GVFD at 207-371-2020 for more information.

Age-Friendly Georgetown will conduct a demonstration meetings and display sample tools at local events when pandemic conditions allow. Until then, these are some resources to provide information.

Assistive Technology for Living Independently: Click

Smart homes as Assistive Technology: Click

Assistive Technology for Effective Distance Communication (for folks with deafness or hearing impairment: Click

Arthritis and Agriculture (Maine AgrAbility program): The importance of protecting your joints: Click

Assistive Technology for Independence in Activities of Daily Living (ADL's): Click

Assistive Technology for Dementia: Click

A related program from the Maine State Library: Talking Book Program and Library for the Blind: Click

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