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Age-Friendly Georgetown

Georgetown is an island community with a rich history. We are a mix of families whose ancestors settled the island and residents who have arrived in more recent years. All cherish our small town.

More than one-third of our residents are over 65 years old, and our median age continues to climb. Many of us want to live in our Georgetown homes for as long as we can, and our Age-Friendly project — which includes this website —  aims to help make that possible. 


Get Involved

This project will be most successful if as many town folks as possible get involved. Please contact us to see how you might be able to help.


Steering Committee Members

Patty Kimball, Co-Chair

Jim Peavey, Co-Chair

Juliana Cliffe, Secretary

Roger Bogart  

Cindi Compton

Sandy Jaeger

Peggy Kapisovsky

Karen MacGillivary

Sheila McCandless

Mary McDonald

Elaine Varney


We meet every second Monday at 4PM at the Town Office.  Anyone is welcome and encouraged to join us.   Contact us at gtagefriendly@gmail.com for more information.


Minutes of Age-Friendly Georgetown meetings can be found on the Town website in the "Meeting Agendas and Minutes" section in the red window on the left. Scroll down to "Comprehensive Plan Revision Committee". Click here:

Age-Friendly Community Meeting Minutes

The Age-Friendly Team created a Plan of Action to learn about existing supports in town that are being provided by our local organizations or individuals helping their neighbors. We also need to learn if there are any of our residents that may be falling through this safety net. We will also explore what new resources and supports might be helpful.

AFC Plan of Action

Our Committee evolved from the Comprehensive Plan approved at the June 2019 Town Meeting.  For more information about the Comprehensive Plan, visit the link below:

Georgetown Comprehensive Plan Update


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