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Lauren at Ipcar Preserve; on her way to Master Trekker.

Georgetown Trekkers has been formed to encourage Georgetowners of all ages to get out and enjoy the twelve wonderful nature preserves on our island. This activity is for all ages. Thanks to the Town of Georgetown, Kennebec Estuary Land Trust (KELT), The Nature Conservancy, and Maine Audubon, these preserves are free for all to enjoy. Reid State Park also has wonderful walks and trails and is free to those 65 and older.

The program will run from mid-April to the end of the hiking season. At that time, we will hold a celebration for all participants with prizes in the three achievement categories: Ace, Pro, and Master Trekkers. A Kids Division has been established at our school and will run from April 12th to the end of May.

Passports, with a window sticker, will be available at Town Office (phone with a request), Richards Library (after May 10), and by calling or emailing Jim Peavey (info at top of this page). Kids Passports will be provided at the school with special stickers.

We hope you join in and get the pleasure and health benefits of visiting these natural treasures.

You can read our full program description here.

View the Georgetown Conservation Commission's Trail Guide here.

You can also get a copy of the guide at Richards Library.

For Trekking images, click here.

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