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For a number of years, the Georgetown Fire Department has been concerned about not being able to easily find homes in town. The Age Friendly Committee has spear headed the House Number Project in collaboration with the Georgetown Fire Department. The goal is to make homes in Georgetown more easily found by emergency services. The recommendation is for homes to have five inch reflective numbers in a location where your road and driveway intersect. The recommendation is not mandatory, just suggested. A generous grant from the Georgetown Working League ( makes it possible for us to offer house numbers, installed, at no cost, while the supplies last. Hopefully answers to the questions below will clarify the goal of the project.

Why should I have a visible house number? 

Our 911 emergency system provides GPS directions emergency vehicles follow based on roads and house numbers. Even the small private and dirt roads are marked in the system. Once a driver is on your road, she/he will be looking for your house number. Although it may happen infrequently, a dark snowy/rainy night can delay the emergency vehicle’s arrival time.











When is a number at our front door or on the house adequate?
You may have numbers either at your door or on your house that are large enough and visible from the road. Those are perfectly adequate. If your house is set back from the road or you have a long driveway, numbers may not be visible from the road. We can help you decide.

Are these easily visible numbers a requirement to be rescued?
No, it is completely your choice to have the enhanced numbers. The Fire Department will always find you, but when speed is of importance, finding a property quickly can save lives.

Everyone on the Fire Department knows where I live, so I don’t need numbers.
While that may be true in some instances, the FD driver may be new or unfamiliar with your location. The 911 system provides directions based on a number being visible on your road at the beginning of your driveway.

My mailbox has numbers, so why should I put up new ones? 

The Fire Department emphasizes that mailbox numbers should appear on BOTH sides of the box. If your mailbox numbers (they should be reflective) are easily visible from BOTH DIRECTIONS and in good repair you are all set. Remember to keep snow from blocking the visibility of your mailbox.

How much will the number plaques cost? 

Right now, the plaques are free. When the Working League grant runs out, we will have to find more funding or charge a nominal fee.

Who will be coming to my property to consult on placement?
Age Friendly, Working League, and/or Fire Department folks will consult with you at your convenience. To start the process, call 522-5359 or 522-5398 (Sheila McCandless) or email

Can my plaque be placed on a telephone pole? 

No, nothing can be affixed to utility company poles. A nearby tree works very well.

If I object to nailing into a tree, will a post be provided? 

If a post is needed, the installation of the post would be the responsibility of the homeowner, although we can help find someone to shop for a pole and provide resources for installation labor.

What is the ideal height for the best visibility of my house number?
Think of headlights shining on the numbers, between 4 to 6 ft from the ground preferably away from where snow banks accumulate.

People who can answer additional questions: 

Ron Hayward (GFD), David Knauber (GFD) Sheila McCandless 522-5359 or 522-5358.(GWL),

Thank You, Georgetown Working League for your generous support of this Project!

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